DJ - MC - Officiant Services


Tayler & Michael B.

Chuck delivered in every way for our wedding. I was likely one of the more demanding grooms Chuck has had to work with, and he was professional, flexible, and accommodating. I was quite strict on playing songs from a pre-determined list for the pre-ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner. I even categorized dancing songs into "absolutes, necessary, and would like." He completely followed through on these demands, and flowed through songs nicely. Even during the dancing, I had to indicate we were stepping out for photos, and for him not to play any "absolutes," and he was on board. I also selected Chuck as our DJ since he was willing to play original, uncensored versions of songs. He knew to play them at the right time of the night... and it was clear it got the crowd going! His equipment was top notch; there were no issues with his microphones or speakers. He communicated well with our day-of coordinator and venue representative. He communicated well with me and my bride ahead of the wedding and was responsive to our various emails. He acquiesced to some very particular music requests. I also commend him for a bit of extra workload: we gave him 40+ YouTube links to download to play for the pre-ceremony and cocktail hour. One final example of his professionalism: I asked if he had a copy of the exact order of songs he played for the dancing (so we can relive the joy of it), and he was able to provide a list. I am so happy he delivered in so many ways for us. If you are looking for a DJ, I cannot recommend him highly enough for your wedding! - Michael